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Model:The Clever 39″The Cadet 67507The King PAW2422The Broan 174 Wall HeaterThe Cadet Energy Plus
Editor's Choice
Qlabe Rating:
Energy Usage:1500 watts2000 watts2250 watts1500 watts1600 watts
Dimensions Size/Height: 29 x 6 x 21 inches5.2 x 14 x 9.5 inches13.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches15.2 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches9 x 4 x 12 inches
Weight:34 pounds7.05 pounds9 pounds5.97 pounds7.4 pounds
Safety Feature:Automatic overheat protection.Automatic overheat protectionTip-over & overheat protection.Tip-over Cut Off SwitchAutomatic overheating shut off
Adjustments: 2 settings1 setting2 settings2 settings2 settings
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Electric wall heaters, as the name implies, are heating devices that are mounted or installed to a wall and meant only for the wall.

They are usually ideal for smaller spaces, rooms or offices because they are good with warming up small areas while taking up no valuable floor space at all.

Electric wall heaters are just like space heaters that you place on the floor or desk and plug in to warm up your room.

The main difference is that wall heaters are attached to the wall.

Another difference is that they are not plugged into an outlet, but instead, they are hardwired into a special kind of wire that runs through the walls.

When deciding on the ideal heater to purchase this winter, you might consider your decor or floor space.

Electric wall heaters solve this problem because they work just as great as space heaters, but they don’t take any space on your floors, tables or desks.

They are also usually flat, unlike bulky radiators; this way they complement your home, warm you up and give you space.

Best Electric Wall Heater Reviews – (Latest Models)

Electric wall heaters are a great choice because they have a more extensive range of benefits to offer than other types of heaters. Electric wall heaters are highly energy efficient.

Although for all types of heaters, the level of energy consumed depends on the control of the thermostat and if the device has a timer, but wall heaters are installed to take care of spot heating, and they heat particular spaces.

Because of this, they don’t consume as much energy as other types of heaters, mainly when you use them in small spaces.

Electric wall heaters are also very affordable, and because they are ductwork free, that reduces the costs you would need to operate them, unlike the HVAC systems that require a higher cost to run.

Also, the installation of an electric wall heater is very straightforward and does not need expert intervention.

All you have to do is read the manufacturers guide, run 120 volts or 240 volts wiring into your heaters and then attach it to the wall. With that, you can start using your electric wall heater.

Getting an electric wall heater would require a lot of research, and so this article brings you the best electric wall heaters you can find, how you can pick the one that is best for you, and how to maintain them.

1. Editor’s Choice: The Cadet 67507

If you’re looking for an electric wall heater that would warm you up immediately, even when your bones are freezing, then this device is what you’re looking for.The Com-Pak is an efficient and affordable way to add warmth without installing ductwork. With multiple installation options and proven safety features, your family can enjoy safe, sensible warmth for years.

This device features a built-in adjustable thermostat which allows for comfort control.

This allows you to pick a temperature between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but this thermostat does not have an ‘off’ button on it.

The heater makes use of a coil heating element and is able to warm up a room as large as 200 square feet within a couple of minutes.

It has an inbuilt fan which helps in the quick distribution of hot air around the room; although by using fan-forced air circulation to warm up the room, it has a background noise which can be rather annoying.

The electric wall heater has an attractive design, and you can mount it on the wall either vertically or horizontally.

The manufacturer recommends that you can install it, at most, 12 feet from the floor. But if you want it closer, you can place it at 4 feet 5 inches.

It would work entirely no matter how you mount it, and it can be attached to fit your decor and even take less space on the wall.

The heater is very safe for use, and it has a feature that the manufacturer calls ‘Rest Easy’.

This is the overheating protection feature which turns of the heater if the temperature is higher than usual or if it’s going to overheat. The device is also of good quality and has been listed by UL.

This electric wall heater is also very easy to install, and you don’t have to employ an expert to do so.

The first thing you should do is measure the heater and cut a hole in the wall according to your measurements.

Then, connect a wire to where you’re mounting the heater from your circuit breaker; install your heater on the wall and then connect the cable from the circuit breaker to the wire of the heater.

You must not forget to link the grounding screw to the ground wire, attach the other parts of the heater and the grill.

You can also call the company to ask them to put you through while you install your heater.

The Cadet electric wall heater is also very affordable.


  1. The heater is swift and effective in heating a room. It also has an adjustable thermostat and a range of temperature levels to choose from.
  2. It comes with everything that you need to install, and it’s straightforward to install.
  3. It is small and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, which makes it easy to find a space on the wall for it.
  4. It features a fan that spreads the hot air around the room, thereby adding to the speed.
  5. It is safe to use and turns off in the case of overheating or abnormally high temperature.
  6. It is affordable and durable.


  1. The thermostat knob does not have an ‘off’ option, and so the device would only turn off when it reaches the set temperature.
  2. It is noisy because of the fan and can be distracting.
  3. The warranty period is only for one year.

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2. Elegant and Effective: The Clever 39″

The addition of this electric wall heater to your home or office would add some class that you might need.The Clever 32  Wall Mounted Modern Heater 1500W Vertical Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Heater 3D Flame Technology

This heater is not only efficient and quick but also adds elegance to any space it is in.

This heater would be an excellent choice for spas, waiting rooms or any other commercial space because of its design and technology.

The panel of this electric wall heater is designed to look like a fireplace, and a wide variety of LED colour option depending on your preference.

This heater spices up your space; It also has crystal-like balls that light up and is covered by a glossy tempered glass which just adds to its elegance.

This heater is not just for warming up, but it also acts as a decorative addition to your room or office.

The electric wall heater also has an adjustable thermostat. It allows you to pick between low heat and high heat it also needs a supply of about 110 volts to 120 volts and comes with remote control for added convenience and comfort control.

It has separate settings; one for controlling the LED lights and colours and the other for choosing the temperature of the heat you want it to emit.

The heater is very easy to install; all you have to do is mount it on the wall and plug it into a wall outlet.

You should also keep it in mind that the device emits hot air from the top, and so when you want to mount the heater, make sure that you leave a generous amount of space above the radiator.

The electric wall heater has the overheating protection feature which turns off the heater in the case of overheating or abnormally high temperature.

The tempered glass on the heater protects the panel wherever you keep it. It is also UL listed, so you don’t have to worry about quality.

This elegant electric wall heater is cheaper than expected and very durable.


  1. It is very stylish and attractive with its adjustable LED display fireplace.
  2. The surface is covered with tempered glass and protects the panel.
  3. It has an adjustable thermostat and dual heat settings.
  4. It is also very convenient to use with the addition of the remote control. It is easy to install and does not need an expert.
  5. It is quiet and doesn’t use the fan-forced method.
  6. It is also very safe for use and protects itself from overheating.
  7. It is efficient, affordable and durable.


  1. The front glass of the heater is removable and can cause harm if it loses and falls.
  2. You need to keep extra space above because the heat comes out from on top of the heater.
  3. It is not suitable for small rooms.
  4. The LED visual effects cannot be seen when the room is bright.

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3. Strong and Silent: The King PAW2422 2250-Watt

This electric wall heater would be great for use in your room or your baby’s room.Electric Wall Heater in White from KING is great for bedrooms,

It features an adjustable thermostat and emits a wide range of watts between 500 watts and 2250 watts; although having a thermostat come with the device is optional.

You can buy one that has a built-in thermostat or just buy the thermostat separately.

Apart from its temperature adjustments, this device’s blower, which it uses to spread the heat around the room promises to be whisper quiet.

Because of this keep quiet feature, this heater is ideal for your children’s room or your bedroom.

The blower system of this device is called the squirrel cage style blower, and this is because it is much more silent than other fan-forced heaters.

It is also pretty safe for use with its safety regulation system that turns off the device immediately something isn’t right like overheating, or the temperature is too high.

Then the heater has to reset manually. It is recommended that you install this heater at 4 feet above the floor for better efficiency.

It is also durable and comes with a five years warranty.

When it comes to installation, you don’t need to acquire an expert to connect your heater.

With the equipment it comes with, you can simply connect or disconnect the wire yourself.

To install it; use knockouts to get the wall stud ready for the power leads. When the power lead is secured, mount the heater to the stud.

Then, pick the wattage you want and install the other parts of the heater. Lastly, add the grille.


  1. It has an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings depending on your room size and what you want.
  2. It is quiet with its squirrel cage style blower.
  3. It features a smart heat safety system which shuts the heater down if it’s not working correctly.
  4. It is easy to install and economical for use.
  5. It has a five-year warranty.


  1. The thermostat is an optional feature.
  2. It would make a low noise when the room it is being used in is entirely silent.

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4. Small and Safe: The Broan 174 Wall Heater

This electric wall heater can be recessed, which means you want to insert a hole in the wall to install it; or it can be surface mounted, which means that you can simply mount it on the wall.The Broan 174 750/1500 Watt Wall Heater is our best electric wall heater in which the grille measures 12 inches while housing measures 10 1/4 inches.

This way, you can make your own decision. The temperature of this electric wall heater can be changed from 1500 watt to 750 watts depending on your preference although 1500 watt is the factory setting.

Despite the small size of this heater, it is swift and effective with warming up a room because of the alloy heating element it makes use of.

It has been designed for durability, the device is made of steel and has a white baked enamel finish which prevents rust or corrosion so you can be sure that your heater would last for a very long time.

You can also easily clean the heater by removing the whole unit assembly from the housing, and this does not affect the heater.

For safety purposes, the motor in the heater has been permanently lubricated, and this would protect it from any dangerous faults.

The electric wall heater also features thermal overload protection which turns the device off in the case of overheating or when the temperature has exceeded its limit; this protection then resets the device so you can continue to use it.

It is also UL listed and of high quality. It is easy to install, and you can do that yourself.

First, decide the space on the wall that you want to use and insert the hole in the wall next to the stud.

When preparing the hole, ensure that it is more than six feet from the floor and more than twelve feet from any vertical surface.

Connect the wires to the hole from the circuit breaker.

In the housing of the heater, there is a junction box where you’re to install a box connector.

You then connect the wire to the box connector. Then, mount your heater to the wall and add the housing.

If you don’t want a recessed installation, and a surface mount option instead, you would need to purchase a surface-mount kit for that.


  1. The alloy heating element makes it efficient and quick in heating a room.
  2. It has easy to use controls, an adjustable thermostat and dual heat settings (750 watts and 1500 watts)
  3. The design of the heater keeps it durable and long-lasting.
  4. It is affordable.
  5. The small size would not take much space.
  6. You can decide on how you want it to be installed, either recessed or surface mount.
  7. It is easy to clean and maintain.


  1. It would not work effectively in large spaces.

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5. Easy Energy Saving: The Cadet CEC163TW Energy Plus

This electric wall heater is referred to as energy efficient because of its practical design and easy to use controls.Cadet cec163tw electric fan wall heater – this smart and energy efficient heater possesses the capacity to offer 30% more energy efficient heating.

The first thing is its multiple heat settings in which each set has the number of volts it consumes.

So if you pick a lower heat setting, you’re saving energy.

The heat settings are 1600 watts at 240 volts, 1500 watts at 208 volts, 1000 watts at 120 volts.

The heater is also quick and effective in warming up a room, because it’s highest heat setting is higher than other heaters, in which their limit is 1500 volts, yet Cadet consumes the same number of voltage.

That is, this heater gives more for less. The lowest heat setting, which is at 1000 watts at 120 volts is higher than other heaters which are usually at 750 watts at 120 volts.

The heater also features user-friendly controls; it has a button to regulate the heat, and it uses a digital display to show you the current temperature and the set temperature.

The heater also makes use of a fan which improves its efficiency, and its output can automatically adjust to save energy and keep you warm.

It also features a night mode or away mode; this sustains the temperature without you regulating it by keeping your room warm when you’re not there or asleep, and saves energy because it doesn’t fluctuate.

You can even turn your central heating system down and use just the night mode at night.

This electric wall heater is also very quiet in spite of the fan that it uses, and so it would be ideal for your room or your children’s room because it won’t cause any disturbances.

For safety purposes, the manufacturer advises users to install the heater at least twelve inches away from the floor to improve durability and efficiency.

They also recommend that all objects should be at least three feet away from where the heater is. This device is also very safe, and it is UL listed.

For installation, you can do it yourself as long as you have the right tools.

This heater is a wall recessed mount heater which means you would have to first insert a hole in the wall according to the measurements of the heater.

Then, run a wire to the hole where the heater would come from your circuit breaker.

Connect the heater wires to the supply wires after mounting the wall can.

Also, you have to link the grounding screw that is in the wall can to a ground wire. Then, you can attach the other parts of the heater and the grille.


  1. It features easy to use controls and a digital display for convenience.
  2. It has an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings.
  3. It is quick, energy-efficient and gives more heat while consuming less energy.
  4. It also has a night or away mode, which saves more energy.
  5. It uses a fan for better heat distribution.
  6. It is easy to install.


  1. The fan would still make a low noise, especially in a small room or if the place is quiet.
  2. It only has a one year warranty period.

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6. Made for You: The VonHaus 450W – Wall Mount

If you’re worried about installing an electric heater because they would most likely clash with your decor or paint, this heater is the best thing for you.VonHaus450W Wall Mounted Electric Flat Panel Ceramic Space Heater. 450W Wall Mounted Electric Flat Panel Ceramic Space Heater.

You can easily paint the entire heater to match the colours and design of your room, and the electric wall heater would fit right in.

The heater comes as a ceramic body that can be painted when you want to if you feel like making it look more artistic and friendly with your decor.

As for the wattage, this heater is a small only emits 450 watts, so it is definitely not ideal for big living spaces or a studio, but it is efficient and heats a room very fast.

It would warm you up when you need it, and it would be ideal for bedrooms, especially kids rooms.

The heater cannot work in any moist or damp rooms like a bathroom; but its perfect for children’s rooms because it can be painted on, is small yet effective, and it’s very safe for use.

It features overheating protection which turns the heater off when it is too hot or above the set temperature.

It also has a cool to the touch exterior, which would not harm the kids when they touch it. It is UL listed and of good quality.

It is also wall surface mounted, which means that installation is faster and you don’t have to make a hole in your wall.

It would also not take space because it only has to be four inches away from the wall.

Knowing this, all you have to do to install it is hang it on the wall and plug it in. You can start using the heater immediately.


  1. The paintable heater surface is decor friendly and does not clash with your home design.
  2. It is also friendly with kids and pets, and better suited for kid’s rooms.
  3. It is swift and efficient in warming up small spaces.
  4. It is safe for use with its overheat protection and cools to the touch exterior. It does not take up much space on the wall because of its small size.
  5. Installation is quick and easy.


  1. It does not have an adjustable thermostat and only has one heat setting, which is at 450 watts. This heat setting is lower than most heaters lowest heat setting.
  2. It is only suitable for small rooms and would not work in large spaces.
  3. It is not suitable for moist or damp areas like the bathroom.

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7. Convenient And Cute: The Stiebel Eltron CK

This surface wall mounted electric heater is almost perfect when it comes to warming you up and making it easy for you.The StiebelEltron CK – Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater review. The CK/CKT models are ideal electric fan heaters to add supplemental heat to a room that may not quite get enough heat from a central source.

If you don’t mind the heater taking space on your wall, then this heater is ideal for you because it is a wall surface mount; this does not affect your decor because the heater is elegant and attractive anyways.

It features an adjustable thermostat for comfort control, and a unique feature it has is a frost protection setting.

This would keep your room temperature at a little above zero temperature, so whenever you’re not in the room or the house, there would be no problem of freezing pipes, and you get to save money! It also has a feature called the booster timer.

This is useful when you just come into your home or office, and you need to warm up the room right away.

This feature allows the heater to quickly warm up the room for one hour, before going back to the default thermostat setting. This way, you don’t have to wait for too long to get warm.

The electric wall heater has a downdraft design which allows it to distribute hot air evenly around the room.

The downdraft design works by emitting the hot air from under the heater; this hot air then floats up and spreads around the whole room.

The heater is quiet and emits about 50 decibels and below when it works.

This heater does have an off switch, so when the weather is warm, you can easily switch it off.

This device can be used as a supplement to your central heating system by just linking it to the thermostat of the central heater.

The heater is safe for use and UL listed. You’re advised not to put any materials that are combustible or flammable close to the heater.

Installation is easy, although unlike most wall surface mount electric heaters, this heater does not come with a cord, but instead, you have to hardwire it to a power source.

Then you can start to use it right away.


  1. Since the device can be mounted on the surface of the wall, you don’t need to make holes in your wall.
  2. It has a lot of convenient features like the booster which heats it up quickly and the frost protection setting to prevent freezing pipes.
  3. The downdraft design allows for efficient heating.
  4. It comes with a built-in thermostat and can be connected with the central heating system.
  5. It is relatively quiet.
  6. It has an attractive design.
  7. It comes with a three-year warranty.


  1. It can take up space since it’s mounted on the wall surface.

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How Electric Wall Heater’s Work?

Against widespread conviction, heaters aren’t only needed to warm up you up during the winter season, but during other seasons, you would need to keep certain parts of your house warm.

These areas that are always cold, no matter the season, are your bathrooms, hallway, and bedrooms.

Bathrooms especially are always damp and using them early in the morning can be very cold.

Hallways and bedrooms, on the other hand, are closed off spaces, and they keep cold within their walls.

Basements also remain cold during other seasons, because it’s in the lower part of the house.

Investing in an electric wall heater would not only serve you during the winter but would help you keep these areas warm no matter the season.

Electric wall heaters like the ones mentioned above, save space in your home because of their wall mounting ability, unlike the usual central heating system.

Electric wall heaters are also mainly energy efficient, and they give out more heat faster while taking in low costs for operation and maintenance.

There are three primary and general components that all-electric wall heaters should have.

They are a heating unit which in some cases is made up of a fan with the heating element. At the same time, some do not use a fan at all, and a metallic wall can that attached the heater to the wall or into the wall and a safety casing which holds the heating elements and keeps them away from human touch.

Electric wall heaters, despite their similarities, are available in different styles and types.

One major thing that differentiates them is their heating technology.

You would have to choose based on this technology to know the one that would be best for you and the room you want to use it in, so you do not end up regretting your decision.

Some electric wall heaters are fan forced, and this allows them to distribute heat quickly, some emit heat from below the heater, so it moves up and spreads around, they all use different elements, and they work in different but still useful ways.

Technology Behind Electric Wall Heaters

There are three leading heating technologies that an electric wall heater would use.

The first is convection heat technology. Convective heaters are good with spreading the heat equally throughout the room.

Electric wall heaters that use convection heat warm up the air and spreads it through the room from the top to the bottom. Some of these electric wall heaters that use convection heat technology include a fan which makes them warm up the room faster.

We also have radiant heat technology. Unlike convective heating technology, they do not directly warm up the air. Still, instead, the heat that they emit is absorbed by the people and objects in the room, thereby warming them up immediately.

They do this through halogen tubes. Although they work faster than electric wall heaters using convective heat technology, they are perfect for small rooms or personal heating.

Electric wall heaters that use this technology are also able to be used in drafty areas or rooms.

Lastly, the micathermic heat in technology which allows the electric wall heater to be ideal for large spaces.

Micathermic heaters combine both convective and radiant technology to warm up the room, and this makes them really fast.

Because they are fast in heating a room, they do not require a lot of electricity, and they help you save money and energy.

Benefits Of Using An Electric Wall Heater

Even though you would not use your electric wall heater as the primary heating device in your home, it is still beneficial. Here are some benefits that you should keep in mind when going out to get yourself a heater.

Electric space heaters can keep some of the heat that they were emitting after you than them off. This is because of the materials used to make this electric wall heater.

As said earlier, convection heating distributes heat evenly through the room. After you turn off or unplug the heater, the temperature would remain.

Although convection heaters take a while to raise the room temperature and warm up the room, they also take a long time to cool down too.

Also, the warmth stays because of the casing of the electric wall heater. Some of them are made with specialized steel or aluminium, and these metals can keep heat in for as long as they can.

This way, even after you’ve switched off the heater and stopped the input of electricity, the body of the unit would remain warm and continue to emit heat.

The heat can last for hours after the device has been shut off. If this is not the case, then your room or home might not be adequately insulated, and there might be drafty doors or windows.

Electric wall heaters also start working as fast as possible. After proper installation, electric wall heaters especially those mentioned above, can take at most 120 seconds to warm up a room effectively.

Electric wall heaters are usually fast, and some of them have features to make them more quickly when you need a lot of heat at that moment.

Supplemental heating is a smart strategy to reduce your electricity bills, especially during the winter season and electric wall heaters are high devices to be used for additional heat.

Supplemental heating is using a heating device that uses a low cost and low electricity input to warm up the room instead of using it to warm up the whole house.

This allows you to not only save energy but eventually save a lot of money when the electricity bill comes through.

When you have an electric wall heater with an adjustable thermostat, you don’t have to worry about regulating the temperature of the heater.

The thermostat controls the temperature automatically and does this with just a button or a dial.

Some of them also have a digital display for convenience, an ALCI plug to be used in the bathroom or a manual thermostat.

Some of these thermostats can shut off or reduce the heat being emitted when the device has reached the set temperature. This allows for ease of use.

Just because you have to mount it to the wall doesn’t mean it’ll be difficult. They are usually easy to install and hardly need repairs. If they do, then it would be minimal.

These installations can be done by the user following the manufacturer’s instructions without having to call for an expert.

To mount the heater on the wall or remove it for repairs or any other reason is not difficult.

Some electric wall heaters are recessed, which means that there would have to be a hole in the wall to install the heater into.

If you’re not sure about doing this kind of thing, don’t bother using a DIY installation method.

But it’s easy to do as long as you have the proper tools and follow the manufacturer’s instructions completely.

If you don’t know how to insert a hole in the wall, connect wires to a circuit breaker or hardwire the wall, then you can just contact a professional.

When you want to remove your electric wall heater, you should call for an expert’s help in removing the wiring.

That way, you can avoid the risk electrocution, especially if you’re not careful. If you know what you’re doing, these steps are simple and easy to follow.

A significant and unique benefit that you would enjoy from an electric wall heater is that they do not cause crowding, but instead they save space.

Since they would be attached to the wall in your room and not placed on the floor or table, they save a lot of floor space. Because of this, they are recommended to people who live in small areas.

The floor in your home has limited space, and you don’t want to crowd your storeys by putting a lot of things on it.

You also have to make space for furniture, and you may not find space for a heater.

Since most of these electric wall heaters are flat and close to the wall, they can just be seen as a poster that people would hardly even notice.

This is because it would fit into your environment without causing you any inconveniences.

Wall heaters are also very safe because there is no situation of tipping them over. Because they are permanent fixtures on the wall, they can’t be knocked over or pushed, and this makes them safe for your kids and pets at home.

Although the electric wall heater has a lot of great benefits, there are still a few shortcomings. These should not stop you from purchasing the radiator as the good, in this case, outweighs the bad.

The first thing you should know is that electric wall heaters are permanent fixtures. Unlike portable space heaters, electric wall heaters cannot be moved or carried about.

If you want to take out the heater that has been mounted on the surface of the wall and install it somewhere else, you would have to remove the whole frame.

Recessed mounted heaters which are installed into a hole in the wall are impossible to move around or relocate.

You have to be sure before you purchase the heater because once you install it, it becomes a part of the building in your home or office.

The fact that these heaters cannot move is inconvenient, but this should not be a deal-breaker. You should just keep it in mind that the heater you’re about to install is for permanent use.

Another thing you should know is that electric wall heaters cannot serve as a primary source of heat in your home.

If you live in a small apartment or a dorm alone, it would be enough. But this would not suffice for a while family.

As mentioned earlier, they can be used as a supplementary heater to complement the work of the central heating system.

The electric wall heater is powerful and efficient, but it cannot push out of its limits.

The electrical connections can be a bit tricky.

You would have to decide on how you want to be able to switch your heater on or off. During renovations, installing it makes it better because you can have a switch just for it.

But if you’re installing on an existing structure, you might end up using one of your light switches for the heater. So every time you want to switch the heater on, you end up switching on the light.

Apart from these, electrical wall heaters are a great addition to your homes no matter the season.

7 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing

1.Inbuilt Safety Features

As they say, safety first, and when using any type of heater, you and your family’s safety must be at the top of the list. Before you purchase your heater, there are some safety features you should look out for.

There must be an overheating protection feature which would turn off the electric wall heater when it is about to overheat or when the temperature has exceeded the set temperature.

When you buy your electric wall heater, there is no doubt that you’ll be thinking about the energy that you’ll be saving when you have it installed in your home.

Another one you should look out for us the ground fault protection feature to ensure that the heater is not too close to the ground.

If you plan to use the heater is a damp or drafty place, make sure it has a moisture tolerance feature so you can avoid an accident.

Another essential safety feature that you should look out for is to make sure that they are UL listed like the heaters mentioned above.

When an electric wall heater is UL certified, you would be made aware of how far your heater should be from opposite surfaces or any other household objects so you and your family can be safe.

2.The Price

The method of heating technology and the heating element that an electric wall heater uses is what would determine the cost of the heater.

When an electric wall heater has additional heating appliances like when it has a fan, timer or an adjustable thermostat, this type of heater would be more expensive than those which don’t have these additions and only use an Off/On switch.

You should remember that the heaters that cost more are likely to have more features, not only things like controls and easy to clean units, but they will also have more powerful fans and better-designed fins and heating elements.

Getting a heater with those additions, especially the adjustable thermostat or the timer, would make the heater more efficient as you continue to use it, despite the price, unlike those heaters that only have a switch for powering it on and off.

These additions also help you save money like a thermostat that regulates the temperature according to the room temperature, and this can turn the heater down when it’s too hot or shut it off.

Those that have timers also save money. And so even if these additions can make the heater a little more costly, you’ll find out that this cost is worth it because of the efficiency you would enjoy after purchase.

Installation Method: Since electric wall heaters need to be wall-mounted, you have to consider which one you prefer: recessed or surface mounted.

If you do not mind breaking into your wall so that your heater can blend in and if you do not want your heater to bulge out, that’s okay.

But if you do not mind your heater being visible, then you can go for the surface mounted. You also have to consider if you want to hire a professional to install it. If you don’t know how to handle tools or anything about heaters, you should get an expert to help you, so you don’t end up messing things up.

3.Easy Controls

To make the use of your electric wall heater more convenient, you can purchase one with remote control. That way, your comfort control is at your fingertips, and you don’t have to move too much to operate your heater.

Easily control wall mounted heaters

Representative image

Having one with a programmable timer is also a good idea because they help you save costs and the feature runs the heater for you.

You can also get an electric wall heater that has a digital display. All these things add convenience, but you will have to spend more to enjoy it.

4.Wattage Output And Power Usage

This is the amount of heat that your electric wall heater would emit. The size of the heater you want to purchase is dependent on the wattage level; if the heater is small, the wattage would below.

You have to check out your room size so you can pick the wattage output that would warm up that room size properly.

The higher the power of the heater, the more expensive it will be to run. If you have a heater that is too powerful for the room that it is installed in, you may find that you end up wasting a lot of electricity because the room could end up getting too hot too quickly

You also have to consider how well insulated the room that you want to use it in is because when a room is well insulated, it needs a lower level of wattage output.

When the room is not insulated correctly though, you would need a heater with a higher output.

Houses that are old and have leaking problems, or a house that has a vast difference between the floor and a ceiling are usually not well insulated, and this would lead to getting an electric wall heater with a higher wattage.

When considering wattage, remember that every one square foot of the room would need ten watts if it well insulated and if the room is not adequately insulated, one square foot would need fifteen watts.

5.Adjustable Thermostat

In any electric wall heater that you want to purchase, you must make sure that they feature a thermostat. This is a safety and convenient feature that would stop the device from overheating and protect you and your family.

Thermostats usually take note of the room temperature and compare it to the temperature you set on the device. When the room is too hot, the thermostat turns the heater off.

Some of these electrical wall heaters have an inbuilt thermostat while for others, you have to buy it separately. It is better if you buy the one with an inbuilt thermostat.


You also have to consider the decor or theme of your home and make sure that you get an electric wall heater that does not clash with it but instead fits in perfectly.

There are different heaters for different decors. The black, sleek electric wall heaters add class to your home while those that are paintable allow you to take control of the decor.

Some of them have LED flames or artificial fireplaces which give the room or office an elegant and calming glow.

Even though you do not want your electric wall heater to be installed awkwardly in your home, you must keep it in mind that you should look out for quality first before taking a look at the device.

You can buy heaters that are designed for elegance and durability so that you get the full package and no regrets.

7.The Warranty

This is what shows you how much confidence a manufacturer has in the electric wall heater that is being produced. You should purchase the heater that has a longer warranty time frame because this would help you save money on maintenance if something goes wrong with the heater.

It also shows you how long you are expecting the heater to last.

Don’t rush into purchasing any attractive looking electric wall heater that comes your way, instead, consider these factors before putting your money down.

How To Properly Maintain Your Electric Wall Heater

If you want your electrical wall heater to last even longer than the warranty period, you would have to have an expert check it and clean it up regularly.

When you use your heater, always check the plug or wires to ensure that there is no damage. Ensure that the casing of the electrical wall heater is not rusting or experiencing any corrosion, and contact your electrician if it is.

Also, your electrician should regularly check the electric wall heater and ensure that it is still working efficiently.

When it comes to cleaning, you are advised to clean your electric wall heater at least twice every year.

This depends on where you live and what you’re exposed to; you may need to clean it more regularly than that.

If you have conditions around you that can get a lot of dirt and dust into the heater, or if you have a pet, you should clean it more than twice a year.

How do you clean your electric wall heater? First, you have to switch off any circuit that is connected with your heater.

You have to do this earlier than the time you want to wash it because the heater would still be burning hot, sometimes for hours, after you turn it off and it would be dangerous even to touch it.

Before you touch the heater, even if it’s off, use your voltage detector to check the circuit out and make sure that there is no more electricity input in the heater.

Next, you have to remove the grille so that you can clean the inside of the heater.

If your heater has an inbuilt thermostat, carefully remove the knob with a flat head screwdriver before removing the grille.

Some people always end up removing the knob forcefully or removing the grille before removing the knob, and this would cause damage to the thermostat.

Depending on the damage, you might have just to replace the thermostat or buy a whole new heater.

Then you have to blow out your heater. You can even make use of your hairdryer if you do not have an air compressor or a vacuum that had a blower at home.

A hairdryer would do the job just as well. Do not use canned air with your electric wall heater because this can cause a safety problem.

Most of those products have a flammable fuel, and using it with electricity would cause an accident.

Use the right blower for your electric wall heater and if your heater makes use of a fan for heat distribution, make sure that the blades of the fan don’t spin around while you’re blowing our dust and dirt. This can spoil the motor.

You also have to clean out the grille. Immediately you remove it, put it into a bucket of soapy water. That way, while you’re blowing out the dust, the grille would soak.

Lastly, when your grille is dry, you have to reinstall it to the electric wall heater. If there is any trace of water on the grill and it gets to the heater, it would damage it or cause an accident.

Replace the screws gently, don’t bury them deep into the holes, so you don’t spoil the grille.

After cleaning your heater correctly, put the circuit breaker on again. Increase the level of the thermostat when the heater is on and let it work at a high standard for a couple of minutes.

While it’s working, listen for any abnormal sounds and make sure that the heater is working correctly. After a while, set your temperature and continue using your heater.

Regularly cleaning and checking your heater would keep it from damaging early and keep it safe for use for you and your family. It should last long because you maintain it well than for it to stop working after while because of negligence.

Safety Guidelines For Using Wall Mounted Heaters

Electric wall heaters are efficient and quick in warming up a room. However, you must still consider the safety precautions to take to avoid any accidents while using these convenient devices.

Although they do not make use of gas, propane, other chemicals or flames, they still make use of heated coils. The biggest threat that an electrical wall heater can pose to your home is a fire accident.

As I said above, these heaters make use of heated coils to heat the air, and this technology is the main reason why you have to be careful with it. Here are some guidelines that you must follow.

Ensure that you read the manufacturers instruction on how to use the heater, and if you are doing the installation yourself, follow the instructions to the latter because failure to do so can land you in the hospital.

For safety purposes, make sure you install your electric wall heater at least 15 centimetres from the ceiling or 20 centimetres from the floor. This is because you have to keep it away from furniture and combustibles.

When you place furniture or a flammable material like a couch, curtain, bedding too close to the electric wall heater, you suffocate the heater.

The hot air that is supposed to be emitted around the room just stalls instead, and then there is a lot of heated air contained in a particular area.

This would lead to insufficient heat because the warm air is not circulating the room or blowing outwards. This can also lead to a nasty accident like a fire.

This is because the furniture or flammable material would become too hot and suddenly catch fire.

In other words, the heat that is being emitted ends up caged in a small space when furniture is in front of it, there is a build-up of heat, and this would cause the upholstery to spark and catch fire.

Every manufacturer indicates the distance that the heater should be away from objects, although the general rule is that all objects should be three feet away from the heater.

Make sure you read and understand the user manual.

Apart from furniture, combustible objects should also be kept away from the heater.

These are objects that can easily catch fire and possibly burn your house down. They should be placed very far away from the electric wall heater.

Although you know your furniture and flammable objects, some objects like sweaters, cotton, wool, blankets, linens, cigarette lighters, matches, solvents, air fresheners, cleaning liquids, thick rugs, paper, newspaper, magazines, alcohol, paint thinners and old, oily rags can easily catch fire like the furniture.

You have to leave a significant amount of space around where the electric wall heater was installed so that it would be free from combustible and flammable objects.

Also, try your best to avoid touching the device when it is running or even minutes after so that you won’t get burnt or injuries. If you have kids or pets, keep them away from the heater so that they won’t get injured.

You must also make sure that the power source for your electric wall heater is working correctly.

When the sockets and plugs are too hot, or when a fuse blows and overheats, it can pose as a fire hazard.

Don’t use an extension cord if your electric wall heater has a plug because it would overload it. Plug directly to a wall outlet, preferably one of 240 volts.

Also, make sure your circuit breaker is not overloading and emitting the right amount of electricity that the heater needs. Don’t leave the wires of the heater exposed because that can cause an electric shock.

Don’t use an old or damaged adapter. And obviously, don’t use a damaged electric wall heater. If you don’t think it is usually working, contact a professional to check it for you.

Electric wall heaters are generally safe for use, and as long as you follow the guidelines, they do not pose a risk to you and your family.


As this article has indicated, electric wall heaters are a must-have in your home because they work with every season.

They are improving as technology improves, energy-efficient, easy to use, great space savers and becoming very popular because of their attractive designs. Once you correctly install your electric wall heater, it can serve you and your family for a very long time.

They are also cheap to buy and even cheaper to run because as they save energy, they save money.

When purchasing your electric wall heater, we hope you keep in mind the points that this article has made.