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Out of 6 heaters reviewed at qlabe, below are our top 5 picks.

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Model:Kerosene Forced Air Heater F270320Dyna-Glo Kerosene Heater KFA125DGDKerosene Forced Air Heater F270270Dura Heat Convection Kerosene HeaterSengoku Portable Indoor/Outdoor Heater
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Tank Size:8.5 gallon10 gallons6 gallons1.9 gallons1.2 gallons
Area Coverage: 3,125 sq.ft.3,200 sq.ft.1,875 sq.ft.1000 sq.ft.380 sq.ft.
Operate Time:Up to 9 hours (On full tank)Up to 14 hours (On full tank)Up to 11 hours (On full tank)Up to 12 hours (On full tank)Up to 12-14 hours (On full tank)
Energy Unit:125,000 BTUs135,000 BTUs75,000 BTUs23,800 BTUs10,000 BTUs
Weight:75 pounds52.2 pounds37.9 pounds27.6 pounds20.3 pounds
Safety Feature:Overheat protectionOverheat protectionOverheat protectionAutomatic ShutoffAutomatic Shutoff
Dimensions Size/Height:35.9 x 16.9 x 20.9 inches41.9 x 21.5 x 32.4 inches32.7 x 17.3 x 14 inches17.5 x 17.5 x 26.8 inches15.5 x 15 x 22 inches
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Kerosene Heaters are becoming very popular by the day, and without doubt, they are very instrumental especially when there are no other alternatives for both indoor and outdoor use.

For instance, if there is no spot to connect an electric heater to electricity in your garage, a large one, your best bet will be a kerosene heater as it is a high-speed and possible alternative.

More so, by choosing an outdoor kerosene heater, it saves you the cost of having to supply electricity to your garage. Think about it!

Furthermore, in case you do not plan to use a heater for a long time, having a kerosene heater is your best choice to warm you and the house.

It’s also a good one to always have it around as who knows when a power outage can occur?

Best Kerosene Heaters Reviewed By Experts

While there are a plethora of kerosene heaters out there, we, here at qlabe decided to help you with the best of them by providing reviews and buying guides to help you know which is available and why you should go for it.

Here they are:

1.Kerosene Forced Air Heater F270320 (Outdoor use)

This heater is equipped to provide heat to areas as large as 3125 sq. Ft. Which is a very incredible feat as it is almost impossible to find any heater that provides warmth to such large a place.The Mr. Heater F270320 MH125KTR is a fan forced kerosene heater that is capable of heating particularly large areas of up to 3125 square feet.

This heater is blessed with a fuel tank that can contain almost 9 gallons of kerosene, and despite the heat, it produces, be rest assured that it can last for about fifteen hours before the next refill.

It comprises of a fan which is saddled with the responsibility of distributing heat quickly and evenly across space.

More so, it has an indicator to help you, the user, determine if on or not without you having to guess or go near it.

Mr Heater is safety conscious as it has sensors that help detect the possibility of overheating.

If it detects such, its next call to action is to shut down automatically.

Another plus for this machine is the fact that it is easily moveable, i.e., it has what is called pneumatic tires that aids smooth movement whether or not the tank is filled up.

This implies that moving this heater is not going to be dependent on how powerful you are as it has been designed for natural movement.

Also, there is a space created in it where you can keep the cord. Cool right?

The better part is that you can regulate how hot or cold it is by the use the thermostat regulator attached to it while the best part is you get a one-year warranty up its purchase.

thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of a physical system and performs actions so that the system’s temperature is maintained near the desired set point.

A pack of 1 thermostat usually costs $24.17, but you may get it for better rates if you chose a pack of 2 or above.

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2. Dyna-Glo Kerosene Heater KFA125DGD (Outdoor use)

If you are after reliability, durability and heating performance, I’d recommend this beauty.

It is one hell of a kerosene heater with a heat output of about 180k BTU with the ability to heat 4.2k sq. Ft. and can last for almost 12 hours if your tank is full.Dyna-Glo kerosene heater heater can raise the temperature about 20 degrees over ambient in my building. So, if it's over 50 degrees, it can get the building to 70 degrees.

With wheels of about 10 inches, you can rest assured that moving it around is no big deal coupled with the fact that these wheels cannot be punctured which eliminates any cost for maintenance.

More so, whether the tank is filled or not, the same energy is required to move it around.

The machine is a tall one with comfortable handles; thus, placing less strain and pressure on the back when moving the heater.

Some other beautiful features of this heater are the fuel indicator and air pressure indicator which allows you to determine the level of the fuel in it and the amount of pressure respectively.

This ensures you plan adequately per time.

One edge this heater has over other heaters is that the drain plug is made of steel unlike others made of rubber.

This implies that there is a room for any part of the drain to perish.

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3. Kerosene Forced Air Heater F270270 (Outdoor use)

Affordability, simplicity in usage and efficiency, this is the best choice for you. Here, you don’t need to wait for your room to warm up as you need to put it on and it does its magic.If you want kerosene heater that is easy to use, cheap to run, and efficient, you need to consider purchasing the Mr. Heater F270270 MH75KTR. This heater will warm up your space instantly so that you won’t need to wait for the room to become warm. This convenience is greatly appreciated, especially if you are working and time is important.

The convenience attached to this heater will be more appreciated if you have so much work to do with less time.

It can work for almost eleven hours if the tank is full until the next refill. Accompanied by its use is a 75k BTUs heat output to heat about 1875 sq. Ft.

A panel easy to access, a tank that can contain about 6 gallons, and an automatic shutoff whenever there is an overheating signal are part of the many features of this heater.

Also, it is easy to start as it has an ignition plus the fact that it is certified by the CSA for safety.

However, there are no handles or wheels accompanied by this heater which means that it will be challenging to move.

Unfortunately, it is almost the only problem with this heater.

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4.Dura Heat Convection Kerosene Heater (Indoor Use)

If you are looking for an alternative to a single heater, this is your best choice; so, grab it!

It distributes heat from all parts and angles, leaving the room equally warm, unlike the fan-forced heaters which are usually unidirectional.The quality of kerosene plays an important role in the performance of this unit. For instance, lesser quality kerosene will produce odor. That said, buy only K-1 kerosene.

It produces a heat output of 23k BTUs, making it your run to heater whenever there is power loss during winter.

Click here to estimate the power consumption of the heater.

I should warn that you don’t get to move it without draining the fuel out. This is primarily for safety, and it applies to all kinds of a kerosene heater.

However, it is safe inside the house as it has a lot of safety perks. For instance, if it falls, it automatically goes off.

Another safety perk is that it has a tray that prevents kerosene leakage.

If you want to heat an area of one thousand square feet that does not have a power supply, you should get this heater.

More so, the heater is guarded with metals in a cage-like form, preventing any interference with the source of the heat.

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5. Sengoku Portable Kerosene Heater CTN-110 (Indoor And Outdoor Use)

If you want to zone heat your house or you need a heater during winter, you should go for this kerosene heater.

It is very portable considering its small size, yet, it is not tiny in function as it has a heat output of 10k BTUs that can handle even the largest room in your house.The Dura Heat Convection Kerosene Heater is safe to use indoors and it comes with some safety features too. If it is tipped over, it will automatically shut off. It also heaters a drip tray so that kerosene won’t leak into your room.

Its fuel tank is large enough to last you almost 14 hours usage nonstop.

Convenience is one of the perks of this heater as it has a siphon-like pump that allows you to drain the tank quickly whenever there is a need to move the heater.

When looking out for a heater with safety precautions, go for this heater as this heater is accompanied with a lot of safety perks.

It has an automatic switch button that goes off if the heater falls or becomes too hot.

Also, there is a guard at the heater’s front that serves as protection.

It has a flame adjuster and an automatic ignition that makes the heater simple to use.

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6.Heat Mate Radiant Kerosene Heater (Indoor And Outdoor Use)

If you hope to heat small rooms, then you should go for this as it emits a heat output of about 10k BTUs which is good enough for a place of about 380 sq. Ft.Heat Mate heater convection 22, 300 BTU heater has a tank capacity of 1.9 gallon, integral fuel tank; 3-Way safety shutoff and special safety guards to prevent

It is more safety conscious than you can imagine as if it falls or it is knocked down, there is an automatic switch that goes off immediately.

Also, if there is an overheating, the heater goes off without any external control.

Also, there is a protector attached to the frontal part of the heater to keep it safe at all times.

With a full tank, this heater can run for fourteen hours before after which you can refill.

It also has a siphon pump that allows you to quickly drain the tank when there is a need to move it.

Considering that it has a fuel indicator and an auto ignition, this heater is the perfect choice for your house whether you need it for just a room or you need it as a backup heating alternative.

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How Does The Kerosene Heater Operate?

The heater working is solely dependent on the presence of the fuel – kerosene. Once you pour the kerosene into the tank, it is absorbed by the heater which creates a primary process called combustion.

To light the kerosene, these heaters usually come with an ignition plug responsible for vaporizing the kerosene which in turn attracts flames for burning. That’s how the heater generates heat.

There is a control attached to the burning unit at the centre which regulates the air coming into the heater via its base.

More so, the heater is created in such a way that you can regulate its weight.

The ability of the heater to regulate air and weight is a deciding factor on the production of heat and the size of the flame.

The heater is characterized with a circular wick made from fibreglass or cotton.

The heater warms up the surroundings using radiation and convection heating.

However, those kerosene heaters created for bigger spaces disperse heat around with its fan.

I’m other not to be cut unaware; the wick is the life of the heater. Once you lower it, the heater goes off so also the flame and heat. 

How To Choose Right Kerosene Heaters For Living Rooms And Garage?

Whenever you want to buy a Kerosene Heater, it is essential you understand the product very well to choose the best and safest heater for your home. Here are things to look out for

Model Type

There are two kinds of a kerosene heater, namely the radiant and the convective kerosene heater.

The former is usually circular, which helps disperse heat in 360° directions, heating every part of the room.

In this kind of kerosene heater, you will find the tank underneath the wick, helping the cord absorb the fuel efficiently.

Convective heaters are designed for large spaces; hence, they should be positioned at the centre of the area or house so that the heat can be circulated to every book and cranny.

If you are looking for a heater for an enclosed area like your bedroom, this type of heater is not the best option for you.

Radiant heater, on the other hand, is shaped in a rectangular form and are used in smaller and enclosed areas.

They emit it unidirectional. This means that it only emits heat towards the direction it is placed against.

Some radiant kerosene heaters have a detachable tank; which for me is a good one as you don’t have to move the heater to empty the fuel.

The tank will then be kept in a safe place to prevent any form of hazard. Whichever kind of kerosene heater you choose, ensure it comes with an igniting device that operates on battery.

This device eliminates the need to use matches to provide fire as it could be hazardous if not properly handled.

Your home

Deciding to use a Kerosene Heater means that you should be ready to have the kerosene odour around.

The good thing, however, is that whenever you get to use the heater, there are hardly any smoke or smell from it. However, when you turn the heater off, the kerosene scent starts to smell.

Also, if you run out of fuel, be ready to perceive some strong smell. So, it is essential you pay attention to the fuel indicator.

I should remind you that when buying your heater, choose one that as a good fuel indicator so that you’d know the exact time to refill. One shortcoming of the kerosene heater in the home is the release of carbon monoxide.

So, buy a detector for carbon monoxide alongside your heater. Place heater in a well-ventilated area so that as it produces carbon monoxide, oxygen is coming in.

More so, if you want to heat a small room and enclosed area, kerosene heater might not be a good option.


Don’t buy a Kerosene Heater without the necessary features to ensure safety. Some of these features include:

  • A sensor to detect if the heat is too much which will trigger the automatic switch off. It will protect both you and the heater
  • The anti-tip switch must be in place so that once it falls over, it goes off straight.
  • This is necessary especially if you have children and pets around. There is no guarantee that the heater will of fall down.
  • I preventing combustion from fuel leakage, the switch goes off immediately it is tipped over.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, have a detector to detect the level of carbon monoxide the heater is emitting. More so, select a heater with a detachable tank.

Fueling A Kerosene Heater

Go for a heater that you can efficiently fuel. Before use, you’d have to fill it outdoors, which means that the heater must be easy to carry both when it is empty and when it is full.

Find out how long it will take you to fill the heater you want to buy as it usually will take a while before you can fill it to the brim.

So, I’d advise you choose a heater that can provide your house with heat for as long as possible before the next refill.

Storage Of Kerosene Heater

Anytime the heater is not in use, it is advisable you keep it in a separate room.

Ensure you have a room for such purpose, big enough for the heater and kegs that will be used for fuel.

Don’t gamble with this as if you haphazardly leave the heater anywhere; the danger is imminent.

Your garage, basement, or a store can be a great space to keep it. However, make sure you are meticulous about it as you don’t want to start a fire without knowing.

Using Kerosene Heater Indoor

It is possible to use the kerosene heater inside, but you must take note of the following:

  1. Fueling: Whenever you have to fuel your heater, ensure it is off. Some folks try to feed their heater while it is on.
  2. This is very dangerous. As long as the heater is still hot, don’t feel it. Be a little patient and wait till it is cold.
  3. I’d advise you fill your tank outdoors, far away from anything that can trigger a fire. Also, never overkill your receptacle as it could cause spillage which could catch fire.
  4. Location: The heater must be placed in a well-ventilated area, far away from any flammable item like clothes, furniture, etc. You should also not keep it along walkways so that it doesn’t become a victim of often tip over.

Precautions For Indoor Usage

Always have a fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detector at home. Make sure they are working and should be put to good use to ensure safety.

Propane Vs. Kerosene Heating

These two heaters are the most popular when you need a heater for ample space. However, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Propane is more popular than the kerosene heater because it uses a kind of fuel that has very low emission and is more environmental suitable.

The kind of fuel it uses is cumbersome compared to air, and as such, there is the need to compress the fuel into the tank which is sold at hardware stores and filling stations.

One major issue with propane is that it is combustible and dangerous to human health.

Kerosene, however, is liquid and as such, its leakage level is not as much as that of propane.

Kerosene has high emission, making it dangerous for the environment. If you are looking out for the cost, kerosene is a better option as it produces more heat per gallon compared to propane.

If you buy propane for 3 USD per gallon, kerosene per gallon will cost 2.25 USD.

Benefits Of Buying A Kerosene Heater?

Having a Kerosene Heater at home is a crucial one. Here are some reasons why you should not think of not having one.

  • You cut cost by choosing the kerosene heater as your alternative source of heat. You can decide to switch off the general heater at home if you need heat in a particular room.
  • It is the best option if you have issues with power during winter.
  • Should in case you have to work on a job during winter in an open space, you sure do need a Kerosene Heater to keep you warm.
  • More so, considering how portable it is, you can carry it along to wherever you are going. Also, they heat up instantaneously.
  • These kerosene heaters have more capacity to heat vast spaces than other types of heater.
  • Most of the kerosene heaters have fans that spread heat to areas of about 4 thousand square feet. If you have a warehouse or you want to host an event during winter, this is your best option.

Are Kerosene Heaters Dangerous?

If you follow instructions, using kerosene heaters will be a very safe option. However, considering that kerosene is highly combustible, there is the possibility of imminent danger.

Some include

  1. Fire outbreak: in using kerosene heaters, you must not place them close to combustible items like clothes, l, furniture, etc. A study in 2010, reported that 32% of fire outbreaks were caused by space-eaters. Know the right place to place your heater and how far it should be from any flammable item. Keep it away from your curtains also.
  2. Explosion: kerosene hardly causes explosion except you are using it with gasoline. There are instances where users mistook kerosene for gas. Ensure you label your containers properly so that you don’t turn a victim of an explosion
  3. Burns: always be patient enough to allow your heater cool before refilling. The heat this machine generates is hot enough to cause scars, bruises and burn. If you ever attempt to fill a hot heater, don’t be surprised if there is a flare-up. Make sure children and pets do not mistake the heater as a toy.

Kerosene Heater Safety Tips

While these heaters are designed with a lot of safety precautions, you still have a role as a user to ensure 100% safety. Here are some safety tips for you:

  • Make sure you use pure kerosene; no additive. Don’t make the mistake of buying kerosene in a gasoline container. Use a Kerosene container for kerosene and vice versa.
  • Make sure your containers are well labelled. For me, you can differentiate a Kerosene container from a gasoline container by using colours. Kerosene is blue; gasoline is red.
  • Don’t make the mistake of buying gasoline instead of kerosene. We can be so lost in thought that we can go queue for gas instead of kerosene. Be very vigilant!
  • Buy your kerosene from a certified kerosene dealer. Some dealers tend to mix their fuels for whatsoever reason.
  • Buy kerosene that a 1k-grade as using any other thing could be bad for your health and the environment. Remember, you cannot know which is which by just looking at it.
  • Never try filling for heater inside the house. Also, turn off the heater before you attempt to refill and also make sure it is cool enough.
  • Never exceed the limit of the fuel gauge. There is usually allowances in these tanks to allow the fuel to expand without spilling. Don’t try to capitalize on this extra space.
  • Don’t put these heaters on the walkways, place it far from anything that can catch fire and do not block the heat flowing from it with anything. Don’t let it face the wall but open space.

Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From A Kerosene Heater?

In the real sense, a Kerosene heater does not necessarily produce carbon monoxides like stoves, oil lamps, and candles.

However, you’d discover that some kerosene heater produces more carbon monoxide than the other, and it is because of poor maintenance. So, make sure you service it regularly, maintain it and test it often to ensure it is working fine.

Also, ensure that the room is airy and well ventilated if you need to use the kerosene heater inside. So, make sure you keep your windows open for enough hair to come in.

For the umpteenth time, ensure you have a working carbon monoxide detector. Make sure it is working and if there is a need to change the battery, do in time.

Immediately there is too much carbon monoxide; this instrument will detect it and make the necessary alarm.

If there’s ever a fire, you’ll be able to hear the 85-decibel siren no matter where you are or if you’re sleeping, and if it’s a false alarm, you can silence the unit by pressing the button on the front.

Don’t close yourself inside the house when using the kerosene heater. Keep every outlet open as you do not want to suffocate. However, if your home is not a very airy one, try another kind of heater for safety sake. Do not gamble!

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Care And Maintenance Of Kerosene Heater

You don’t need to be a professional to take care of your kerosene heater as it is a straightforward process.

  • The primary care for your kerosene heater is that you should never forget to empty or remove the tank when not in use. More so, make sure it is cool enough before attempting to remove or empty the tank.
  • If you want to fill the tank endeavour to fill it outside, do not let it be filled to the brim.
  • Never try to mix gasoline with your kerosene. Also, be very careful not to mix your gasoline container with that for kerosene. The consequences will be grave. Use a different colour of the box for your kerosene from your gasoline.
  • Also, change your wick from time to time. My advice is that you should but your candle from the same manufacturer as your heater. More so, different models have their wicks.


If you seek fast, competent and instant heating, your best option is the kerosene heater. Although it demands that you are very safety conscious, this heater can be used in large space areas or wherever there is no power supply.

Without a doubt, you should have found tons of useful information on the right kind of kerosene heater to buy, how to care for it, etc. Always remember to use it in a ventilated area.

More so, this guide has shown you the different kind of indoor kerosene heaters you can buy.